Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Poor Blog I Have Missed You!

I got an Email saying that someone had unsubscribed to my blog and I got to thinking, wow I didn't know I still had subscribers. I have not posted on this blog since Nov 2009....... sad I know!

well little update for those of you who don't know, I'm soon to be a divorced woman and I have moved to Oregon with my four little ones. It has been a life changing experience but I'm living though it.

It's a crazy world out there I tell ya. Finding a job has been imposable but I'm still looking. The schools here are appalling but there are choices, so the kids will go to a tech charter school next year. one year in the public schools here was enough for this girl. charter schools are becoming the new way to go in this state.

I'm not sure how long i will stay on the coast looking at maybe Portland or Salem as better alternatives or going completely opposite and moving to the tiniest town ever and living a beautiful life of nothingness (sounds like heaven to me)

for the most part i have been happy over the last year, i have had to make a lot of decisions that were not easy but i believe they have been the right ones!

Jasmine and Ava are still dancing and Jasmine is amazing so beautiful to watch she is going places with this and she is till getting all A's in school. Ava on the other hand i think is over the dance thing so we r going to try something different next year looking strongly at gymnastics she is also doing fab in her first year of school. smart little ladies i have

Henry starts school next year and is very excited about it he cant wait to ride the bus lol of all the things to look forward to the bus is it for him funny!

thatcher.............. well he is a little ham like having 40 kids all wrapped up in one, ya he keeps me on my toes that's for sure!

all in all I'm loving my new life the stress of not having any money and the change of lifestyle has taken some getting used to but i would rather go with out for now then go back to the way things were.

still a lot of choices to make before this hole thing is over in June but I'm doing my best! i will post as many happy blogs as i can sorry crafters I'm kinda out of it for the mean time don't have the time money or creative frame of mind for it right now but i have been taking lots of pics and I'm in the proses of editing right now so there will be many!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo Time!!!

In my creative defence I took the picture, made the tutu, did her hair, and edited the picture!!!! but geeeeeez I am sure having a hard time trying to get in the craft room!!!! (call it lack of motivation)
I really do have a stack of card ready to go on here I just need to take the dang photos!!!! I can say that I am really enjoying my new camera and you can see all of my new photos by visiting the filckr link in my side bar!!
Sarah :o)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Fall!!!!

It is so fall we have had to rake leaves and I think Marty just mowed the lane for the last time this year!!!! I just went to the store and got everything to make cookies (this being the only time of the year i make them!!)

I have made all of my Christmas cards and the plane tickets are all ready for us to go to Oregon for the holidays!!! life is good!

I have a stack of cards that i have made that I will be posting in the next few days and more fall pics of the kids!! thanks for looking and enjoy your holiday's!!!


Sarah :o)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Can I just say that purple is the strangest color ever!! in fact when I saw the challenge at SCS I had to play along only because none on my purple CS had ever been open NONE of it!!!! I do have to say i am happy with the card, there is a finger print in purple ink right under the grunge board but oh well what ya gonna do!!!
Sarah :o)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Play Time!!!

I am so in love with my new camera!!!! my dear sweet DH got me the Nikon D5000 it is a dslr for beginners and a step up from my D40(that i still love and will never part with)!!!!!
Ava loves to be the center of action so she makes the perfect model hope u like and here is the link to my flickr page!!
thanks for looking!!!
Sarah :o)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My New Fave Pic!!!

took this picture yesterday !!!! Ava really hammed it up for the camera and i got a ton of good pics but this was my fave!!!!
Thanks for looking
Sarah :o)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

my kids

I haven't had enough time to do much of any thing here lately but I do have some new pics of the kids!!!! i took these yesterday while we were hanging out as a family (also something we don't do enough!)
I am going to keep this short but i will be back with some update and the whys of the blog no shows !!!!
i will say this stamping is taking a big hit and is going to have to pretty much stay on the back burner for a while!!!
thanks for looking
Sarah :o)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

LPS release

Today is the day!!!! Little Paper Shop is showing off their new digis, (yeah woo hoo) I am showing just two of many!!
The DT blog has many more to show you as well as the other designers blogs!!! there is also a spotlight challenge your u to try!!
and I am pretty sure you can enter to win some of these super cute digies for yourself!!!
I would give you all the deets on the cards but I have a sick little one and I think here in a bit if she isn't any better I am going to take her to the ER!!! lets see if I can't get the fever down first!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

scrap booking!!! :o)

these were fun I got the cricut design studio and sure cuts alot and have hardly been able to quit playing with it!!

did you know that you can cut almost any true type or dingbat fonts with the true cuts alot and you can find 1000's of them online for free!!!!!!! wow beats spending $60 for one font cartridge there is so much you can do with the cricut I did not know was possible!
K Warner has a great video and the are a few others on YouTube that show you the possibilities!!
there are a few things you need to know before you just buy it!!! and instead of my typing it all out here you can watch this video!!
this stuff is making scrapping fun again!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

little paper shop mon/ BTTB tues

My internet was down again yesterday and most of the morning time Warner SUCKS!!!!!

this card is for LPS Monday nut I didn't get to post it so I thought I would do it now!!! I used "sweet"

there is a sketch over at the DT blog with all the lovely samples the rest of the DT put together!!!!

this is my back to the basics card!! what can be more basic the patterned paper you can even get the stuff at the $tree!!

I got the paper at walmart the stamp from little paper shop, I cut the circles whit the Martha Stuart circle cutter I also got that a walmart!!!

thanks for looking!!

tomorrow I will be showing u two scrapbook pages i did with my cricut and the sure cuts alot software!!!