Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I will be the first to say that when I found out my husband and I were going to have another baby joy was the farthest from my mind! But, since then I have kind of got excited and now I am full of joy! I am due DEC.27th of this year and the little heart beat was in the 170¢s. I also got to see the funniest 3D image of the little bugger with small bumps for arms and the tiniest legs I would love to say cute but, I was left wondering how that is a person. As for the pictures I know that there are so many people out there that look at an ultrasound picture and say what is it and I would think that most would say that on these so, I will help that blob in the middle that will be (is) my youngest child!

Friday, May 11, 2007

My bolg has been lonely lately and I think it's needing some attention so, I thought I would write a little something. Stamping has been slow although I did have my first demo party a week or so ago and it did well for only 4 people placing an order just over $600.00 I was thrilled to say the least and our stuff will be here on the 11th. The ladies and I can hardly wait to see the UPS truck pull up.
I was hopping that while my husband was away with friends and family that I would find some time to give my poor stamps some ink but, then I found out my children are truly insane when they know that daddy wont be home to tell them how it is. Not only that we just found out that number four is on the way and sweet little #4 wont let me leave the ever so comfy bathroom. Boy let me tell you this baby better be a true sweet heart because I have really had enough of being sick!!! Like I said I am getting new stamps tomorrow so, I might have to find the time to feel better. I'll make it a late night thing!
I think that I should also add that Ava is well on her way to being potty trained and she is loving every moment of it. She is so proud of herself. Henry now has two teeth and the little sucker knows how to use then maybe it is time to ween I wish I could say that I was ready to start that process but, I"m not!!!! Last but not least my beautiful Jasmine has become a pro on the roller blades.
Thanks for stopping by and reading about my very busy last couple of weeks!!