Thursday, May 29, 2008

WT168 and some more thatcher!!!

Today's WT challenge is about travel of packing and this was an easy one for me I knew the second I opened it up!!!! I used Bitty Baby Blessings from PAPERTREYink the paper ink and ribbon are from PAPERTREYink as well!!!! I am going to attach this to Thatchers Diaper bag!!!
now here is my giant baby boy Thatcher he is already 17 or 18 lbs so much for having my last baby stay tiny for ever!!!! he got to big for the bassinet sot we moved him to the Pack and play till Hank is out of the crib!!!! We have an out of town friend here for the week and he is sleeping in the extra bed in Henry's room so Hank had to move to the pack and play, I was left with no place for Thatcher so now he is sleeping in a clear plastic tote!!!!
He dose not mind as you can see here he looks very cozy!!!! and is sleeping as well as he always dose!!! and this is easier to move from room to room!!!!! this might just stay his nap spot!!!!

Sarah :D

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


it has been forever since I have done a SCS challenge and I have to say what better challenge to do than the SC I don't have to do a lot of thinking!!! I cut out the felt heart and sewed it on the machine then used a needle and thread to put the buttons on !!!! I hope you like but I think that the kids are going crazy so I think I might need to give them some attention to them!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the Little Paper Shop

Have you visited the Little Paper Shop? It's a newer Canadian based company specializing in unique photo polymer stamps. They are holding their 2nd stamp release. To celebrate this release, they are offering 15% off all stamps from May 27th through June 3rd and free shipping on orders over $45. (Canada and the US only) To be totally honest I had forgotten what the little paper shop was when I got the E-mail from Julia - Addicted to Paper but very quickly remembered when I saw the truly great BOY stamps she has!!!!!! To view all of the new releases, click on any of the stamps set names below:

Basic Shapes

Jungle Fun

In Loving Memory

Sugar and Spice

Still Hot Granny

Take Time


Gone Fishin'

Boys Will Be boys

a to z

Julia has really selected a fabulous group to showcase her stamps. Here is a list of the Little Paper Shop Design Team...take a moment if you have time, to see some of the wonderful creations they have made.

* Lynn - Stamperosity

* Bonnie- The Lucky Clucker

Julia - Addicted to Paper

Allison - Stampin' When I Can

Chelsey - Musings of a Teenaged Stamper

Ellie - Scrapbook Mama

Elyssa - Confessions of A Teenage Scrapper

Laura - Scrapnextras

Renée - Stamping for Sanity

thank you so much for stopping by and joining in in my excitement!!!!!

Sarah :D

good friends and good times!!!

This is my DH's friend Duddly and my kids just love him (uncle Duddly) he is here for a short visit and Ava has a hard time letting him have five minutes to him self but dose not seem to mind !!!!! this is a picture of Thatcher soooooooooooo asleep on Duddly you can not see it in this pic but there is a large amount of drool on his sleeve

here is a card I made for the H&M release there were available May 25th and you can get them now at H&M Stamps this set just totally puts me in the summer kind of mood!!!!!
well got to go Thatcher want to eat!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


The most wonderful thing ever happened today!!!!! both of the boys took a nap at the same time and the girls went next door to play in the pool!!! do you know what that means........ yep that's right I got to stamp and it only took 45 minutes not 3 hours!!! and now I am blogging and the quit continues!!!! This is a good day!!!!
So let me tell you about the cards (so cute if i do say so myself) I used it's picnic time from H&M Stamps what a totally fun set I was even able to pull out the bold brights!!! (so not my color group ) these cards are going to be used for my ladies night out with my girls!!!
The stamps are available now at H&M Stamps and you can see many more samples from the rest of the H&M Stamps Design Team !!!!!
I hope you all have a great 3 day weekend and be safe!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Woooooooo- Hoooooo now we're cook'n

So who else is totally stocked that David cook won AI well let be be the first to say YES America did good in this vote!!!!!! the other David I think was just to young and not ready, the boy could not even speak or answer and ?'s it was all teenage giggle and uuuuuhhh duhhhh!!! needless to say I think the right man won the prize!!!!
on to the pictures and aren't they just the cutest!!! Hank LOVE'S his little bike and we got him a cute little helmet for his BIG ol head and he loves that to!!!! we were having the best time playing with just Hank he is so much fun ONE on ONE I am a lucky mommy to have such beautiful babies!!! and this one love to hand out the love lots of kisses and hugs!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lord I Must Have Been Ceazy!!!!

I know that I said I would post yesterday but then 2 of my 4 kids got sick!!!!! so I was going to post this morning and that time was taken over by 2 1/2 hours in the doctor's office!!!! so then I was going to post after lunch and that didn't work because the two kids the were not sick wanted to go outside and play so I spent the evening out side with the kiddos I got some great pics of Henry I will post them tomorrow!!!! I will also talk about the idol winner in that post for the west coast peep's that haven't seen it yet!!! (it was David) LOL!!!
Any-hoo this is the card I did for to days SC177 at SCS and also the H&M Stamps seek peek of celebrate the day a cute little set great for summer and the grads in your life!!!! anyways I will post the product deet over at SCS

Monday, May 19, 2008

H&M sneak peeks!!!

it is that time of the month for H&M Stamps so make sure to check out all the fun!! and go see what the rest of the design team has made!!!
Amy ShefferCharlene MerrickChat WszelakiCindy MotherwayFaith HofrichterFrancie GumprechtHeather RolinJoAnn MlekoMaren BenedictMarissa RolinSarah GreenTracy Dorton
So I know that Heather like us to go out side the A2 world and I think this fits the bill!!!! first of all it was so hard not to post with the the H&M stamps this month you can do so much with them a Dino world will be great for Henry's 2nd birthday and celebrate the day has many possibilities!!! But I think that my favorite is the " It's picnic time" set is is sooooooooo darn cute good for cookouts birthday parties or just to say summer is here!!!! this is a set of 4 long notes made with the lemons forms it picnic time and I thought that they needed a cute little box to put them in. I am so lov'n the summer time colors and really needed something warm!!!! come back tomorrow evening and I will have some more H&M for you to sneak a peek at!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hi Everyone I Miss U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well I know I have not been blogging a lot lately but some were along the lines I have had a creative brain fart!!!!! I just did not like anything that I made and finding the time have been a pain!!!!! I have made up a few things, they will have to wait till Monday to show you but I totally think they are cute!!!!
things are going good around here. The kids are all getting soooo big, mostly Thatcher look at him he is huge he will be 5 months on the 20th and he is already just shy of 17 lbs!!!! he smiles all the time and he just started rolling over!!!!
I think I know the first thing everybody is thinking the first time they see this picture and that is WOW look at the EARS!!!! but come on they are soooo cute every bit of his huge ears!!!!! this is a baby you just can't help but kiss allover!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

sale at H&M Stamps

starting today through the 16th you can get 15% off of all current stamp sets!!!! H&M Stamps !!!!
and I would like to say a huge happy mothers day to all you mommy's out there, and the biggest happy mommy's day to my mommy!!!