Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back To The Basics Tuesday!!!

I really kind of miss how much fun card making was before I was trying to be the best (I am so not the best) but I think you know what I mean!!!!! When you go through through the galleries wishing you had this die or that DP all the newest coolest paper crafting products that really hit the pocket book!!!

Then I realized that was were my mojo was hiding!!!! I had now want to use what i had because it wasn't what the Jones were using. till now!!!!

I love the simplest of cards and so I have decided to make the most basic of cards using the most basic of products!!!

a year or so ago I made a card for a DP challenge on SCS and it is still one of my more popular cards being faved over 130 times and cased many times and for that I am flattered!!! The card uses only two tiny stamps and tiny scraps of paper! but the simplicity if the card is what i was drawn to. So i really hope you like the star card reborn!!! thanks for looking and if you have any simple ideas you would like the share please leave a comment!!


80lbs white card stock, scraps of DP, SU star punches, PTI buttons & twine, and a tiny craft tag cut on the cricut!

*what you could uses in stead*

110lbs stamper select CS from PTI, die cut images or cutouts, brads eyelets or dew drops,
you can make a tag out of and scrap of paper cut by hand and added to your card like journaling strips!
I really hope that you like this post cause it has really helped me want to stamp again TFL Sarah :o)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

LPS Monday!!!

Last Monday was one of the kind of days that only comes from H*E*L*L everything was all going on at once!!! Ok so that is why I did not post last Monday but I am here to make up for it today!!!!!
this is the latest sketch from Little Paper Shop and it is a fun one I had this card done in like 5 minutes and then i was bummed that it was done................ so I did next weeks card to!! :o)
the stamped cupcake is from LPS's sweet one of mt faves!
this week over at the DT blog you will have the chance to win "Katie cupcake" so be sure to stop in there!!!
I have decided that once a week I will be doing a back to the basics card. What this will be is a very simple card made with products even the newest stampers can get there hands on! this card will be posted every Tuesday with a list of what I used and a second list of what could be used in its place! Here lately it seems that I am starting to get a bit of my MOJO back and after a year of just not really wanting to stamp, even though it is some thing I love very much, it is just nice for me to sit down and stamp some thing just for me!!!
So please keep stopping in on Tuesday's to see my back to the basics cards
this week it will be the star card reborn!!!
Sarah :o)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Garden Gate!!!

I think I love this set!!!! sweet little butterflies, a perfect table for two, and a beautiful garden arch way!!!! this set may just have to stay on my desk for a while!!!
I am having to post this a few minutes early cause blogger is going to be down, and I just can't wait to show y'all this card!!!
I am going to keep this very short, and I might even through in some spell check, and punctuation!!!
the DT blog has a chance for you to win this stamp set, and if you have not seen yet there are new DT members to meet as well!!!
both sets will be up for your buying pleasure on the 16th at Little Paper Shop!!!


I know more apples............but I love it soooooooooooo much!!!! and just to warn you I don't think I am done yet!!!!

Back to school will come faster than any of us are ready for so why not have came cards on hand!!!! And the dies cuts I think are so much fun but will never replace my stamps. In Fact I was not going to use any stamps on this card but I am sooooo not good at blank space!!!!

hope you like


Sarah :o)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

katie "Ava" cupcake!!

"Hay she has yellow hair like meeeee!!!! Is that me on that yummy muffin?"
Yes, Ava was so sure that this was her that I had to tell her it was!!!!!
The set is called Katie cupcake, and she is new from Little Paper Shop!
I was going to make another cause I really don't dig the colors, but when Ava did the meeeeeeeeee squeel I fell in love with the card!!!!!!
Over at the DT blog there are prizes to be won new DT members to meet and a mess of Katie cards to see!!! be sure to have a look over there!!!
Tomorrow I will have one more set to show you and it is supper pretty!!!
the pics of Ava are from her recital. she loved dancing for everyone so much that she has asked me something like 20 billion time when she gets to go to her show again!!!
what a nut that kid is
Sarah :o)


I just love getting new stuff and I have not got anything new in so long that it is a real treat to play with paper again!!!!
I got the cricut 2 years ago for Christmas and have only used it maybe twice in that time!!! but the other day I found the cutest cartridges for it, and thought why not and blew the dust off of it, and got to cutting!!!! I had been in love with the tiny tags that Debbie O uses on her cards, but I do not have the dies for them (:o( so I just pulled out a really old cricut cartridge and cut some with that. the only difference is they are not embossed like the nestie ones!!! but still cute!!!
the stamp button and CS are also all new (to me anyways) from PTI!!!!
hope you like
Sarah :o)
PS be sure to come back tomorrow for the start of the little paper shop release!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

gift card set!!!! great for teachers!!

I was love'n the apple so much that I thought I might play with it some more and OMG I could not stop!!! This is a gift card set with four cards and envelopes four tags and two colors of ribbon for making the envelopes pretty. I also added a book mark and two colored pencils! I made a tray to fit inside one of the clear boxes from papertrey ink every thing fit together so nicely!!! you can see the card alone here!!
I thought the cards would make nice teacher gifts with a gift card from Starbucks!!
Sarah :o)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cute Little Apple!!!

I have totally got sooooooooo much done today!! I stained the deck (all of it, and we rent), got the laundry folded the kids have eaten 2 meals, and I made a card!!!! Now that school is out I have Jasmine home all day and girls, I love her dearly but I had no clue just how needy she is!!!! mom will u curl my hair, can we make a card, will you make some cookies with me!!! I would love to do all of those things with her and I will, but man this is just the first day summer vaca!!!!
love notes & CS from SU, BG stamp & button from PTI and cricket cartage for the apple!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Look I scraped!!!!

I don"t scrapbook very often but this Picture was begging me to!!!! that and I got a new cricket thing-e!!!
My dad lives on hid boat in Alaska and he want pictures of the kids for fathers day, but living in such a small space he can hang pictures! and he loves it when I send him scrapbook pages so this will be one of eight!!
the color of the pic is not so great but it is night time and there is no good light anywhere in the house, but it is okay!!
alright I am off to bed now!

Monday, June 8, 2009

some more "sweet"!!!

I just love this set I cant stop using it!! once again it is called sweet!!! Over at the LPS blog there is a color challenge for you to hang out with today! I was going to do it but the only one of the colors i still have was the coral so i did use it so I guess I did kind of play along (in part) i really hope u dig the card! I have had one HE** of a week with dance recital and 4 of the most "super nanny" worthy kids you have ever seen!!!
I will post recital pics tomorrow

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pics 4 Fathers Day!!!!

I hope ya like the pics I can't quit looking at them!!!!! I had them turned into a 20 x 30 collage poster with a black border! then some time before fathers day i am going to VA. to have it framed!!!! do ya'll thing a guy would like something like that!!!!

the bottom picture is what the poster will look like bit much bigger!!!! all I know is i would love to get something like that for mothers day so I hope he feels the same way!!!! Guys r just so hard to find gifts for!!!
please tell me what you think!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Sweet" Little Paper Shop!!!!

It's Monday, and that means that it is time to play along in LPS Monday!!!! this is a 4 1/4 sq. and the set is "sweet" available now at LPS!!!!

the LPS blog has a new sketch challenge posted you should give it a shot. I think I might give it a go when the kids lay down for there nap!!!!

And I had to show this cause I can't wait to see the movie!!!