Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Poor Blog I Have Missed You!

I got an Email saying that someone had unsubscribed to my blog and I got to thinking, wow I didn't know I still had subscribers. I have not posted on this blog since Nov 2009....... sad I know!

well little update for those of you who don't know, I'm soon to be a divorced woman and I have moved to Oregon with my four little ones. It has been a life changing experience but I'm living though it.

It's a crazy world out there I tell ya. Finding a job has been imposable but I'm still looking. The schools here are appalling but there are choices, so the kids will go to a tech charter school next year. one year in the public schools here was enough for this girl. charter schools are becoming the new way to go in this state.

I'm not sure how long i will stay on the coast looking at maybe Portland or Salem as better alternatives or going completely opposite and moving to the tiniest town ever and living a beautiful life of nothingness (sounds like heaven to me)

for the most part i have been happy over the last year, i have had to make a lot of decisions that were not easy but i believe they have been the right ones!

Jasmine and Ava are still dancing and Jasmine is amazing so beautiful to watch she is going places with this and she is till getting all A's in school. Ava on the other hand i think is over the dance thing so we r going to try something different next year looking strongly at gymnastics she is also doing fab in her first year of school. smart little ladies i have

Henry starts school next year and is very excited about it he cant wait to ride the bus lol of all the things to look forward to the bus is it for him funny!

thatcher.............. well he is a little ham like having 40 kids all wrapped up in one, ya he keeps me on my toes that's for sure!

all in all I'm loving my new life the stress of not having any money and the change of lifestyle has taken some getting used to but i would rather go with out for now then go back to the way things were.

still a lot of choices to make before this hole thing is over in June but I'm doing my best! i will post as many happy blogs as i can sorry crafters I'm kinda out of it for the mean time don't have the time money or creative frame of mind for it right now but i have been taking lots of pics and I'm in the proses of editing right now so there will be many!