Thursday, July 12, 2007

From The Heart

My mom and I had gone into a stamp store that we hit once or twice a month. I was looking at all of the wonderful stamps, and ran across this one. It looked used and stained, I just could not see paying $7.50 for one stamp that looked like that. I asked the lady about it and she said " well I guess I will just have to clearence it for a $1.50." Now who in there right mind could pass that up? Not me that is for sure!!!!!
just so you all know I did see that the pic in my gallery say's "harth" and not heart but it was just to late to fix it by the time I saw it ooooopps!!!!
Thanks for reading and looking at my gallery

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Forgive me blogger friend it has been so long!!! I have not made anything since May and not realy had much want to. So, to be on the safe side and not get burned out like others that I know I have taken a break and done a whole lot of shopping. What could be better!! Now I think that I am all ready to start stamping again!

Well let me tell you more abou my shopping trip. I hit Gina K, Missy B, Wal-Mart and local scrap and stamp stores. I got my Prisma colored pencils and Gamsol. lots of DP and ribbon and had a hey day at the Mikes 1$ rack and that is just a start. I have not even made my first order from the new SU catty!!!!!!! OH yah I also finly bought myself a desk.

In other news I am viseting family in Oregon for the summer and the kids are haveing a great time hanging out with cousins and friend. they are all grtting so big and they are all very strong willed little stinkers!

we are going on the family's yearly camping trip this weekend and I will ley every one know how that go's but it should be a blast!!

new pics of the kiddos on our trip most of then are from the fouth of july, we had a pinic at the beach with my sister and her husband and my mom and dad and of my rugrats the fireworks were not much to behold but we had a wonderful time I could not ask for more right now every thing is good !!!!