Tuesday, September 30, 2008

were to start!!!

my sister got married after 13 years and I just could not miss that!!!so here are some pics from my trip home. The first one it me with my cutie of a cousin Bethany she is a sweetie!!!!!
I love this picture cause there is not very many of them with all of my sisters and my mom so this is on I will hold onto for ever!!!!!
( Becky, Me, Jazzie, mom, and Shannon )

Henry and Ava did not get to go on this trip so I brought the home gifts and Hank fell asleep with his cute huh!!!!
this is jasmine and Iris they were the brides maids!!!!
and this is Ava in the tut that I made for her she loved it so much that she had to wear it to her dance class and still did not want to take it off she told all the other girls that "my mommy make it fur me so I can be buutiful" everybody in mcdonalds thought she was so cute!!!!

this is my new hair cut I love it soooooo easy to fix

and this is me and my sissies I love and miss the already!!!!!

good night I will have some Little Paper Shop for you tomorrow and some more H&M stamps as well


Becky O said...

It was good to see you sorry it wasn't for longer. I love you. and Hope the kiddos didnt get pink eye from liv

Marisa said...

Great pictures! Your cousin is going to be a heart breaker - she is too cute! My DD had a pink tutu as well and she just loved wearing it too :)

Also, just to let you know, my DH and I are addicted to the game at the bottom of your blog (the name is escaping me right now). I had the lead at about 79,000 points and then one day he called me from work to tell me he made 107,000 - grrr!! Needless to say, I haven't beaten that score yet and it's killing me (can you tell we are just a little competative - LOL).