Tuesday, February 17, 2009

this crazy little thing we call life!!!!

last week I want home to attend my 94 year old grandmothers funeral, now let it be known that I did not know my grandmother very well it had been nearly 9 years scenes I had seen her last, Jasmine was 9 days old!!! When I has gone to Oregon for my sisters wedding my dad went to see his mom. He told me that she only had some small idea of who he was! the nurse told her "this is Joe" and she looked at him and said "I have a son named Joe". I think that would rip my heart out to have my mother not know who I was she is the one I always call home to weather it be good news, or bad, most often it is just to talk about nothing!!!! My dad took it for as long as he could stand, having a sneaking feeling that it would be the last time he would get to see her. he was right!!!! My dad is a sensitive guy the kind of guy that cries at the airport when he tells you good bye, or when he has just a little to much to drink (you know the kind sitting there crying in there beer) he even cried the day Jasmine was born, but I had never seen tears like the day he laid his mom to rest!!!! I was so sad for him I think I would have been mad at myself for skipping this on they all said don't worry about making the trip. Having 4 kids and it being clear across the US!! but my DH for the first time in our 8 years had a completely selfless moment, and got me the plane ticket and sent me on my way with out the kids (must admit that was so great to not fly with the kids) and I went to be with my dad in the saddest time for him!!

It is really had to believe even at 94 and being old as long as I have known her to here some the the truly inspiring thing that she had done in her life! I won't go into all of her life with ya'll just let me tell you she was a very strong and amazing woman who lived a had life with endless obstucles and made the best of every moment!!!! what a fabulous life she had I only hope that when it is my time that great things will be said about me as well!!!

this blog post is for my grandma May!!