Sunday, July 12, 2009

the dog ate my home work

i have had the worst two days ever and this is no real good reason for me not to have a card ready to post for little paper shop but i don't

last night i was playing with thatcher when the little turd scratched my eye and now i cant keep it open long enough to do anything I have the worst headache and i hurt to leave it closed!!! AAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrgggg!!! and as for the dog (Henry, we don't have a dog) i was trying to get dinner done and he thought it would be fun to cut up some paper in my room and as you can probably guess it was the card i was working on for today!!!!! again arrrrrrg!!!!!

so here is my promise for tomorrow i will have two cards ready for your viewing pleasure and i want cry about any of my aches and pains!!!

thanks for hanging in there with me


oh ya did i say i think i might have food posining on top of all this!!!

you can see the rest od the DT cards here!!!!
also enter to win the stamp set!!!

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Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Oh you poor angel!!! That is all just plain HORRID! Hope you are feeling better beary soon. ;O) And I absolutely love your photo collage. Brilliant idea. Get well soon! Can't wait to see your cards. :O) I'm sending hugs!