Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hanky James

Well, it is nearly midnight and I am sitting at my computer once again because my son, the best little man in my life, won't go to sleep. He is laying in his bed making noise and it seems to bother nobody until I go to bed. What's up with that? Where does that leave me, well it leaves me here with you.

Henry James Green is the first boy in my big family of girls and he is a very welcome addition! He is so good most of the time. Henry does have his moments like tonight for instance, he does not want to go to sleep. He would rather stay up and pester me; what a stinker! It can only help that he is truly the cutest baby in the world, my little pride and joy! Shhhhh, I think he finllay fell asleep...... yep, okay, I am going to go to bed now!!! Goodnight:D


Nana said...

What a beautiful boy!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart! He's so worth staying up for!
-- Leslie

Becky O said...

I love my Hanky James. I wish I was there to give all the kids loves and read with Jasmine, chase Ava out of corners and giggle at my chuncky little man Hanky.