Monday, March 26, 2007

My Darn Kids

So, we all know how great kids are and how challenging they can be . Let me show you in word and video just how crazy my kids are.
It starts like this; it's dinner time and everybody is sitting around the table eating except Ava, she is playing in her food talking to as if it were a person. She would say, “ Washy washy, washy,” as she mashed her food between her chubby little fingers and move it from one place to another. She even tried to feed it to Baby, her blanket, that go’s every where she does even the dinner table . Ava some how figures out how to dump a spill proof cup into her food to make it mushy and every few seconds you will hear her say, “ Whoop" and then you hear a plop as a fork full of her food hits the floor. All the while her brother is crawling around on the floor below her. Now, this kid is a eater and he lets you know that if you have food he wants it.
So, I took the time to get the camera and try to capture Ava playing with her food with out her seeing me….. but she does and it is on from there. She says, “Want see Aba, want see cheese.” This is how she refers to herself and the picture display on the camera . Then she decides that she is done eating and wants me to take her plate. Well, before I could grab it from her it hit the floor where our “baby Henry” crawls faster than I have ever seen him move,grunting the hole way, to get the food, . When he makes it he eagerly grabs large chunks of chicken and shoves them in to his cute little face. It was all I could do to not drop the camera trying to get the chicken from him so he doesn't choke to death. Mind you he is 6 months old and hasn’t even got his first tooth yet but, he was not going to let that stop him.
To put a picture to the mayhem watch this video enjoy!!


Becky O said...

Sarah I love the video it made me smile, and Happy. I love to see that little man crawl. they are all so beautiful. Love you sissy.

Nancy Morgan said...

Hi Sara,

I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your cards! You & your mom make some of my very favorite cards! One of the cards you did for our swap a while back are in my collection that I put out at workshops and without fail, yours gets picked up and admired over and over again! I'd love to hear about how you do your watercoloring and blending, it's absolutely beautiful! Your blog is sweet and your kid pics are awesome. If you ever want to shoot me an email and share some of your technique secrets, I'd love to hear all about it.