Saturday, January 5, 2008


Just a quick post today I needed some birthday cards because I am out I have none for men women or children so that is my main focus for right now not only that I am so not a fan of the V-day card don't get me wrong I love to get them not so fond of making the!!!!
I am going to be lazy and just tell you that all of the product for this card is listed in my gallery thanks for stopping by


My Paper World said...

So pretty! The colours are gorgeous!

Libby said...

This is gorgeous - I really love it!

Kim said...

Beautiful Card Sarda!

Jen said...

Great card, I have been looking at your stuff for awhile, I like your style. I especially like the pic of you and your kid. I have 2 small boys--it's fun!

Also I'm tagging you:

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful take on the challenge! I love your blog and have it saved to my faves so I can visit often!

Jessica said...

Cute card. Love your banner too!