Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I know putting a title like poop on a post with pretty cards it has to make you ask why and I am here to tell you it is because I have had no time to do ANYTHING not stamp shower or even get dressed I have only had time to change a few thousand poopy DIAPERS and go in circles cleaning up after the kids. Can some body please tell me how one baby someone who weighs 10LBS can add entire load of laundry a day and why when I think I have it all don I step back in to room A and it dose not look like I have done any thing and the laundry has piled back up.. And why oh why do kids through there food on the floor when they can just say all done let me out of this chair!!!
Okay so let me tell you about the cards both use the CC149 I so did not like this challenge till I put the cards together my first thought was Emily must have used the close your eyes and point method of picking the colors and them I made the cards and I think I will use this color combo again and again it they just work!!! I started with the 6x6 piece of apricot textured card stock and then added the strip of sage and the pretty DP most of us got for free from SU. moving on to the ribbon and the to the main image withe I started by cutting out with my coloozle and the sponged the edges with apricot giving it a warmer look then I traced the main oval on sage and cut it out with my craft scissors doing the same on the first card with the flowers and finishing the card off by adding stickles to the center of the flowers!!!
hope you enjoy and TFL


Rosella said...

Absolutely love your cards. Had the same idea when I first saw the color combo challenge, but they work great together.
Glad you have some time to stamp, to not go insane in your busy life.
Congratulations on your absolutely adorable little boy!

Kacey said...

I so feel your pain, I felt the same way when my second one arrived - still do :-) Beautiful cards though, I love that combo!

Kim said...

Glad to see you posting Sar! I know I have said this before but, this time will flash by you faster than you can imagine and your beautiful little babies will be all grown up and wanting to hang with anyone but you. Cherish this time my sweet girl. Even though you are tired and at times overwhelmed this too shall pass and your stamps will be waiting for you and the ink!

Stamping Moments said...

Beautiful cards, lovely to see you back missed you! I don't have an answer for the laundry as my 2 boys are 13 & 12 and I am always swamped under washing! Jen x