Monday, January 21, 2008

please help me shop!!!

the only reason that I am posting this card today is because I needed people to stop by here and help to answer some product ?'s this is my per shopping spree research so that I can be happy with my choices not scared that I made the wrong one!!! First thing is the markers I really want the copic's but if prismacolor are close to the same thong and I have seen them for 100.00 less than the copic then I Will get them but if they are not equal I would like to know from someone who has used then both what the diff. is and why they think one is better than the other!!!! I know you are saying I must be crazy just go shopping already but I have to know all of the deet's before I spent the $$$$
Next is photo software what is the best I have wanting adobe photo shop for a while now and have been to chicken to by it what dose it program do can I make the watermarks with this and do digital scrap booking this is all must know info before I drop that many $$$ on computer software.
Moving on to the camera should I go Cannon or Nikon I would love to here some goodies about both if you have it.
Now for the SU demo's out there have you seen the Occasions mini catty OMG I so can not wait this is the best grouping of stamps that SU has put out in FOREVER I am so going to go for broke with this shopping spree. Now if the W2 would just get here so I can stop dreaming about shopping and just go !!!!!
I almost forgot to tell you about the card, I used close to cocoa Kraft so saffron and ruby red textured card stock, Kraft ribbon brads the flowers are from embrace life and I used the wax resist tech. then water colored them on Kraft CS I did 6 of them and then layered one on top of the other to add demotion the sentiment is from delite in life TFL!!!


Michelle said...

Well, I can recommend the camera. I have the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, 10 mega pixal and I absolutely love it. My friend had the Nikon and although she loved it, she got the same Canon and loves it too. I have Adobe Photo shop too but it's too new for me to know all of its workings yet, sorry I can't help you there. Good Luck.

Erin K said...

I have prismacolor and copics. I really truly regret spending any money on the prismacolor. I was lulled in by them being cheaper. They are not a stinky marker by any means I just really prefer the brush tip on copics, also they just feel better going on. I'm not sure if that's due to the brush tip. Finally markers I use the same amount of time that are prismacolor are already drying out, compared to copics purchased at the same time that are still nice and wet. And when the copics DO dry out I can get them refilled.

So for ME I wish I'd just gone copic.

I have photoshop elements 6.0. I'm sure it does all the stuff you said but I don't know how to do anything with it. the book that came with it was super cheesy and didn't help. I need a really good manual for it.

Kim said...

Pretty card Sar! As far as the other stuff, I am too poor to own any of that stuff!

Heather said...

Beautiful Cards!!
I told my husband I wanted some Copic's for Christmas.. So he went and got me the Prisma markers instead. I think he liked the price better. I turned a around and ordered some Copic's. I was playing with them both last night and I like the Copic's better. I like the brush tip and I think they shade better. The Prisma's tip is very broad.I'm no expert and really haven't had a chance to play much yet, but I like the Copic's best. I got mine at for $3.95 each and returning customers get them for $3.56 each. I've had no problems at there store. My husband got both the Prisma markers and pencils there.