Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Stamper

Well I don't know what I was thinking telling y'all that I was going to post a card cause the truth is I cant till after the first (bummer). we are in the process of moving into a much bigger house. we hate were we have been living and there was 4 of us when we moved here and now there is 6
so I guess you can say that we have out grown this place of 1600 square.feet!!!!!! The new place is a rental cause we are not going to buy till we quit moving (every 4 years), but it dose have 2400 SF a huge back yard and no catty wives!!!! ;D
so I thought I would tell y'all thanks for stopping back here and I will be back with a card soon!!!
Sarah :D
the picture is one I took a few days ago the shadows are Marty Ava and I


Becky O said...

Woohoo for getting away from catty wives and boohoo for no cards. Love ya sissy

Shannon said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! :-) HOW Exciting!

Anonymous said...

I am a civilian working on a military installation and sometimes I have to work with the "spouses' clubs" ... I totally understand your "catty wives" dilemma!