Monday, November 12, 2007

And The Winner Is!!!!!!

# 47 Cat over at cats creations go see her blog!!!!

Thank you so much for playing along!!!

Okay so the reason I ask what your thoughts on caseing was is because there in recent weeks has been two of my cards cased and I was so thrilled till I read about the card and me being a big over emotional prago was crushed that my name wasn't even in the small print one of the cards was one of my personal faves!!! I have cased in the past that is how we learn and get ideas but I never put the person with the creative mind out!! As a matter of fact I want them to know that I loved there work enough that I could put my own take on it!!!

So I want to say thank you for everybody great comments and thank you to thoughts who like my work well enough to make it there own but please don't forget to mention that the work is not entirely yours even if you have forgotten where the idea came from!!!!


Cat said...

NO WAY! :) I just loved all the things you put in your candy offer. Not because I know what they all are, but because you wanted to give away stuff you personally enjoyed. I'm new to your blog, but just love the samples you have shared.

Thanks Sarah - I sent you an email!

nancy morgan said...

Congrats to Cat!! I got your special Elzybell card in with the swaps...that was as good as blog candy! Thanks Sarah = )


Becky O said...

Congrats to the winner.

Yosha said...

Hey Sarah,

Not to make this about me, but just wanted to check if it was me that didn't give the credit for the cards! I've CASEd a couple of your cards recently and I am pretty sure I've credited each time! If I missed, please let me know I'll correct it ASAP!