Friday, November 30, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye

well I am not lov'n how the pic came out! So much better IRL oh well I have so much other stuff to do today and play with the broken cameras is not one of them!!!
the two cards you see here are going to be sent to Santa ( in Lakeside OR. or my moms house) and jasmine and Ava get to wright what ever they want they do not have to show mom if they don't want to and that is okay ( I have ways Of seeing what they want) because if this keeps them believing in Santa for another year or two than I will be more than happy!!!
this is the in side of the card I added two peaces of paper for them to wright on.... lord I hope there list is not that big (hee hee)
and this is the back I had to add Santa some where on the card and he just did not look right on the front and he got his own place there on the back I cant wait to see what the kids want this year!!! TFL


Kim said...

I can't wait til they arrive!

Stamping Moments said...

Hi Sarah, I posted your images, & cord money today! Must off known the cord was on its way!! Sorry its late, luv jen xx

Becky O said...

What a great idea. They are going to be so thrilled. Love them they are too cute.

nancy morgan said...

These are so sweet! They'll be kept forever and ever by G-ma Kim, I'm sure = ) !!