Friday, November 23, 2007

What The Hollidays Are To Children!!!!

the inspiration for this card came from a few places. I think it started with the LSC and ended with my children and how great they are. our babies have a wonderful mine that works in the most Innocent way!!!! so what better way to capture that beauty than in a card and some cute new pics I took on thank giving day

the story below is a old but true Christmas reply to an 8 year old little girl who needed to know if there was a Santa and I think that the answer she got is the best it could be we all should Give Francis P. Church a huge hug for keeping the innocents of all of our children in tact

the scroll on my card is the article below and the word window punch says "yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
By Francis P. Church, first published in The New York Sun in 1897. [See The People’s Almanac, pp. 1358–9.]
We take pleasure in answering thus prominently the communication below, expressing at the same time our great gratification that its faithful author is numbered among the friends of The Sun:
Dear Editor—
I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?
Virginia O’Hanlon
Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The external light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.
Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if you did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.
You tear apart the baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived could tear apart. Only faith, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding.
No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives and lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

this is my all time fave time of the year even more so now that I have kids of my own!!! I enjoy cooking dinner for them, and watching them eat there pie (that we got at walmart) and having them tell me how it was the best part (stinkin kids)!!! as long as they are happy it is all worth the effort!!! Jasmine Ava ans Henry played most of the day in the leaves in our front yard and they had a great time doing so, till I said it was time to bag them, Ava Quickly told me she wanted her nap that she never took. Henry took more leaves out of the bag than he put in, and Jasmine forgot that she had a job to do more than any child I have ever seen in my life oh well it got done (by me) in the end. I love this picture of my two girls they look like they love each other and they would never fight (not so much) but is nice to have some pics. like this they are my little beauties!!!!! you can also see were Ava had played beauty shop on her own head in this picture!!!!

this is my little man and the girls thought it was funny to lay him down in the leaves and cover him so that you could not see him. As you can see he did not find it as funny as they did none the less he did not want to come in the house and ended up sucking it up and let his sisters treat him like the doll baby that he is and here Jasmine is trying to do the same to Ava who was way more willing that Ava!! thanks giving turned out great even though we did not get to spend it whit other family it was perfect with just my DH and my babies!!!!!

this is some thing funny that I wanted to share with you someone sent me on my myspace page and I thought I would share with the blogg'n mommas out there!!!!

If it is on, I must turn it off.If it is off, I must turn it on.If it is folded, I must unfold it.If it is a liquid, it must be shaken, then spilled.If it a solid, it must be crumbled, chewed or smeared.If it is high, it must be reached.If it is shelved, it must be removed.If it is pointed, it must be run with at top speed.If it has leaves, they must be picked.If it is plugged, it must be unplugged.If it is not trash, it must be thrown away.If it is in the trash, it must be removed, inspected, and thrown on the floor.If it is closed, it must be opened.If it does not open, it must be screamed at.If it has drawers, they must be rifled.If it is a pencil, it must write on the refrigerator, monitor, or table.If it is full, it will be more interesting emptied.If it is empty, it will be more interesting full.If it is a pile of dirt, it must be laid upon.If it is stroller, it must under no circumstances be ridden in without protest. It must be pushed by me instead.If it has a flat surface, it must be banged upon.If Mommy's hands are full, I must be carried.If Mommy is in a hurry and wants to carry me, I must walk alone.If it is paper, it must be torn.If it has buttons, they must be pressed.If the volume is low, it must go high.If it is toilet paper, it must be unrolled on the floor.If it is a drawer, it must be pulled upon.If it is a toothbrush, it must be inserted into my mouth.If it has a faucet, it must be turned on at full force.If it is a phone, I must talk to it.If it is a bug, it must be swallowed.If it doesn't stay on my spoon, it must be dropped on the floor.If it is not food, it must be tasted.If it IS food, it must not be tasted.If it is dry, it must be made wet with drool, milk, or toilet water.If it is a car seat, it must be protested with arched back.If it is Mommy, it must be hugged.

I hope you got a laugh out of this I really did because every thing in it is so true


Yosha said...

That is a great card and such lovely way to express the sentiment!

Kacey Elliott said...

Beautiful card! Glad your Thanksgiving was nice and your children are so cute! We did the same thing, no other family (they all live too far away) and we played in the leaves too in the uncommonly warm weather for November! TFS!

Kim said...

Beautiful babies. Thier Nana, Mimi misses them!

Heather LeAnn said...

Very cute card and even cuter children! LOL...

cndymkr said...

The colors of this card were so striking. Loved it.