Tuesday, November 27, 2007


this is the card for today's CC142 it took a while to put together and kind of turned out how I saw it I got the idea for this card when I was taking a really bad stab at a no time to stamp bookmark cover no I will not post that it is going in the trash and I am going to try again most of the time I am not modest but I am so not into posting bad projects and really not when you get the idea from someone like Sharon!!! I do want to make them for teacher gifts and I am going to try again wish me luck!!!
this is the card without the tags
and here are the tags by them selves I went with keeping the stamping simple, there was just to much going on with this card to add a lot of images
tell me what you think and thank you for stopping by my blog!!!


Becky O said...


Kim said...

This is super awesome! Pat pat pat on the back!

Tracy said...

Love this card and idea!!!

nancy littrell said...

Your bookmarks are adorable and so is your card. Love your color combo and lots of ribbons. Any teacher would love one of your bookmarks. TFS