Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I just love it when all the the babies take a nap at the same time it is so sweet of them!!!!! A good long nap leaves me time to ether stamp, clean house, or take a nap myself. I bet you can't guess what I choice do do with nap time today!!!
To be honest I did not like the CC but I could not let what happen last week happen again I could not play last wee because the colors were sooooooooooooooooooooo yuck!!!
So any-who the colors are real red apricot and ballet blue (had to open both ink and paper for that blue). I have tons of those flowers but never use them but this cart was a bit naked with out them and I cant make a naked card I don't know how!!!
I hope you like


Kim said...

Great job with OOGIE colors! This is a really cute card!

Daniela said...

Adorable card, love that stamp.