Thursday, February 14, 2008

Try some Color Combos

I was hanging out with a friend tonight, and there was nothing to do so we through a card together (in 2 hours), while we sat around and gabbed! This is what we came up with. The card base is Kraft. I just could not choice between black and cocoa. So I went with my fav, and used Kraft. The DP is some by.... yep you guessed it Basicgrey, it is layered on blush blossom and old olive. I was kind of on the fence about the color combo at first, but went with it and I am sooooo happy I did!!!!!
the flowers were stamped in jet black on WW CS, then the blush and olive were wiped across the top (mostly because I was doing that lazy thing again)
then we cut them out!
I did use my new sewing machine on this card and I have to tell ya there have been a lot of people ask me to give them pointers, sewing on there cards and I had to kind of snicker because I have only had the machine for a week, and (I am blushing) I had to get my DH to threat the darn thing the first few times!!!!! Okay that is enough...... you can stop laughing at me now!!!
I did finally get the hang of it with out breaking the thing! so here is what I am getting at if I can do it anybody can (that is if they have a DH like mine)!!!!


Kim said...

another beauty

Lastel said...

Beautiful !!!

Laura said... both flowers together..they look stunning!

Becky O said...

It is okay you didn't know how to thread your machine I didn't know how to do mine either. very pretty card. Love you,

stampin_melissa said...

Sarah, this is truly beautiful!