Thursday, February 28, 2008

You and Me!!!! And HANKY

First the card this is the card I made for my DH and he will most likely see it before he should but that is okay. Marty and I will have been together for seven year on march 25 and we like this date better than our wedding anniversary neither of us ever remember that one (June 11 I think)!!
Print patterns is one of the stamps that every body had before me and I always wanted but never got , so when I went on my SU shopping spree I got it!! And I love it big time it is so easy to give a card many layers with just this one stamp!!!! the butterfly is from natures touch and it is watercolor and heat embossed (3layers) to make it a bit stronger!!!come to think of it every thing on the card is from SU! cool I just noticed that!!!
Now today it is Hanks turn to show off his cute-ness he is my doll baby, a big ham. he is so silly. Hank is one of those kids you just have to love!!!

this is him on Christmas morning and he could have cared less about any of his new toy he wanted to play with the tupper-wear...... just like a kid!!!!!

here we have fire man Hank what a stud!!!!

and I totally love this picture it shows just how stocky he really is!!!! what a brute!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi, he sure is cute!
I love this card - I have print pattern & have trouble using it enough but I think your look is great. Would you mind telling me how U did it?? Valda

Becky O said...

Hello my hanky man I hope you haven't forgotten me. I miss you big boy, You are just getting so big. Love you and see you soon mr. man.