Friday, February 29, 2008


I made this card with my friend melody in mind I met her shortly after we moved to Elizabeth City and for the longest time we did everything together and then it happened transfer season and the damn coast guard took her away from me !!!!! well that happens and it will keep happening as long as Marty is in the USCG!!!!!! ( I don't hate the USCG just miss my friend)!!!!!
the base is close to cocoa and I also used river rock and SS white CS every thing on this card is stamped there is no patterned paper!! I used print patterns and the wheel that came with this set( the name is not coming to me). the ink close to cocoa creamy caramel river rock! I distressed all of the edges use my super coo large eyelets and some SU ribbon all done I really hope Mel likes it!!!!!

Like I promised this is Ava and she is T-R-O-U-B-L-E this kid's middle name should be just that trouble I bet you don't believe me by how cute and sweet she "LOOKS" well I am here to tell ya this one is the cutest hand full you will ever meet!!! she has her daddy wrapped as tight as one little girl can he told me last night to go and get her in bed so that she dose not try to walk all over him!!! I thought that was funny because I had been telling him what a push over he was for months!!!!! Don't get me wrong she is compassionate and as sweet as can be when she is in the mood!
this picture is of her on Christmas with her snake (she sleeps with this)! the next pic is of Ava and I on our yearly family camping trip in Oregon> she got in to so much trouble on this trip (what a stinker)
and the last pic is baby we don't do anything with out this she has had it from the time she was 4 months old and will most likely have it for years to come I think there are more pics of baby than there are Thatcher!! sad right!!!


kat said...

What a beautiful family you have! You're one lucky lady. I know what you mean about loosing friends as I worked for the Navy for 15 years; the military come & go, but I was always left to miss them as I was a civilian. Oh, well.....I do have a qauestion for you, though. How do you do that lovely distressing? I can't seem to make mine look that good. btw, you also do a GREAT job when you stitch on your cards! I couldn't sew a line that straight if I tried and I've been sewing for almost 60 years!

Kathy said...

This card is so gorgeous. You can tell that you really take the time to make everything perfect. Have you EVER made an ugly card?!!! So jealous of your talent.

Maren said...

What a beautiful card!! Ava doesn't look like trouble! She is awful cute! ;-)

Mary Davidson said...

Gorgeous card (as usual), Sarah! I love, love, love the monochromatic look as well as the shabby fav. You have such a beautiful family and thank you so much for the sacrifices you all make for our country...Mary

Becky O said...

Ava you silly girl you look like a crazy doctor in your doctor glasses and how did baby get in the helicopter with daddy. What a lucky baby. You are beautiful busy girl.

Alli Miles said...

You have a gorgeous family! Also, just LOVE this card!!!