Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun In The Sun

On Saturday we took all the kids out on the boat, with the mind set that they were going to mess up yet another day that was supposed to be fun............ get this they loved it!!!!!!! My kids had fun not to much crying or fighting or wining they just had fun!!!!!!!!! I soooo did not see that coming they always make fun hard!!!!!
We left the house at around 8am and got home around 4pm all of us were sun burned I think I was the worse and it didn't seem to bother the kids they just went about the rest of there day napless and as happy as could be!!!!! jasmine has said that this is what she wants to do for her b-day with some of her friends!!!! ( I will wear sunscreen this time)
I am going up to my room to work on the mojo Monday sketch and will post it later today please come back later and see what came up with!!!!


Becky O said...

Too much fun my lobster sissy.

Mary Davidson said...

Thanks for sharing such happy, fun pictures! Looks like a great day! What a bunch of cutie pies!!

kat said...

Now THAT is what a family fun day is supposed to look! My son has 4 children and so I know how impossible it is to make them all happy but it looks like you did it!

Tanja said...

I'm so glad you guys built a wonderful family memory! I actually heard a motivational speaker today who is a photographer for National Geographic who has won dozens of awards with his photos. He said that there were many times when he didn't see the possibility of a beautiful moment, and when he taught himself to look for the beauty or more importantly the POSSIBILITY for beauty, he began to look at things differently and become the success he is. Sorry for rambling, but I thought about you guys taking the chance that the kids would be a pain and taking them anyway and having the time of your lives! Hope the rest of your summer is as magical!

Giovana said...

You took great pictures!!! Looks like they had a great time.
God bless