Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th Every One

So what is everybody doing for the fourth? Marty, the kids, and I are going out to the coast guard base to have BB-Q watch fire works and go fishing it should be tons of fun!!!!!and yes there will be tons of pictures taken!!!!
Yesterday we went and had Ava's hair cut for the firs time it is super cute and it looks so much cleaner!!!!
Any-hoo enough about all the on to the cards both cards use H&M Stamps the first card uses cozy on up and it is available on the tenth the other uses celebrate the day from last months release so go get em!!! well I got a crazy day planed so I will be back tomorrow!!!

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Becky O said...

Cute cards and Ava's hair is way too cute for words. the look on her face when she sees it done for the first time is great. I love it.