Friday, August 29, 2008

so many thing this week!!!!

this first little cutie is my new niece Makenna Kay Gates and I will hopefully get to meat her at the end of next month!!!!! she was born yesterday at 4:14 west coast time!!!! So I wanted to give my sister a huge congrats lots of love Becky she is beautiful!!! the really cool part about her birth is that she was born on August 28th and that is my Hanks birthday and also my other niece lily kate so me and both of my sisters now all have a baby on the same day two years apart!!!!!
lily is 4 hank is 2 and Makenna is here!!!!! cool hu!!!!
we went out on the boat again and it was fun just like it always is the kids swam and it rained on us going 50 that kind of hurt but it was not cold so I wasn't hating it!!!!!!! this is a picture of Henry my now two year old and he loves every thing "Cars" the movie that is he is such a boy!!! and if you look down you will see what we got him for his birthday!!!!!
this is Sammy and she is 6 weeks old and the sweetest little girl she already sits when told and she does not cry all night and the best part is she was free she is all hound but two different kinds so they called her a mutt but I think she is great!!!!1 at 6 weeks she seems to be pretty smart!! I gave her a little baby blanket that she now drags around with her and also sleeps with It is just like another baby (that sleeps out side)

thanks for stopping by and I will have some cards to post this weekend!!!!!
Sarah :D


Becky O said...

Happy birthday hank thank you for sharring with cousin MaKenna. What a cute little puppy.

kat said...

Happy Birthday to them all! Lovely pictures.....

Shannon said...

oh gosh, a puppy! she is so cute, i can't believe hanky is 2!!! love you all, can't wait to see you at the wedding!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Ok....that IS cool about the birthdays!! What are the chances of that.

Adorable card and oh so Adorable puppy!! Love him!!

How are you Sarah??? I hope you had a great summer. I am loving all the new cards you are doing with the DT stamps!!