Monday, August 25, 2008

such a big girl!!!!

to day jasmine started the third grade I sooo can't believe she is that old already!!!! she just turned 8 and she acts every bit of it...... you know how girls are they like to act like they are 25!!!!
Jasmine said she was nervous about this school year cause she has to take a test to pass to the 4th grade!!! I told her that the test would be a breeze and that she worries to much!!!!!Okay well I have been sitting here all day and I said that I would clean the house today (if I got ta)
Sarah :D


Becky O said...

She is such a girl. What a beautiful girl. Jasmine don't worry about the test you have the entire year ahead of you. You are so smart and will do fine. I love you sweet girl.

Kim said...

What a beautiful Girl!!!! I love you my sweet Baby. I can't wait to see you!

Shannon said...

I remember when she was born, wow. Tell Jasmine that she will do fine in school, and she is so smart that she'll pass all her tests. I miss you all and love you all.

Susan Sandmeyer said...

Love it!! She is tooo coooool for schoool!! What a doll and I looooove the hair.