Monday, April 20, 2009

A Card And A Day With My Babies!!!

I love the sentiments in this new set by little paper shop they are kind of funny kind of sweet!!!! they are a must have for all your birthday card making needs!!!! it is called growing old!!!! and like i said funny!!!! All three sets are available tomorrow and lps has some cool stuff going on, on the LPS blog so be sure to head over there!!!!!

the weather if finally getting warmer here, I think it is going to quit freezing wooohooo!!! we took the boat out to run the winter out of it and the kids loved it. They were kind of upset that we would not let them go swimming, but the water is still to cold!!! We did make it up to them they think it is so cool to go have lunch by boat, much cooler than a car just ask Jasmine and Ava!!!


Kim said...

Beauriful Babies!!!!

Becky O said...

I missed this blog some how, I miss those kiddos