Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a cute little boat!!!

I made this a week or so ago. then I thought I might just save it for a rainy day,and raining it is!!!!!!!! this is one of the OCC sketches I don't play that often anymore but I liked this one!!
so I have been working on a pattern for a laptop case and I would like to know what ya'll think make a good case some thing u would buy!!?? I have some pretty good ideas of what i would like but making the pattern is not as easy as I thought it would be!!!! I also have a new handbag started and I will post it soon!!!!
I have had a couple of people ask me to send them a copy of the patterns i use and sadly i can not do that cause I #1 don't have any way of copying them and i also don't have copyright on the patterns so I can't just sell or give them away!!! but I can tell you were to buy them and a lot of other cool stuff!!!
here are a few of my fave links for all your sewing needs!!!
and there are a lot of sites on etsy for fabric and patterns!!!
I hope these links help!!!!!
Sarah :o)

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Shannon said...

Oh that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!