Saturday, March 1, 2008

no card today!

Well I did make cards today but, we also had to clean our 50 gallon fish tank. it had been almost two years, and all the fish finally went to see the potty gods. so we thought it was time for a spring cleaning!! what I am getting at is I did not have time to take pics of the cards I made, so I will have three to post tomorrow maybe, 4 if I get time to do the FS challenge, IT IS A GOOD ONE!!!!

this week I have been showing off the beautiful faces of my 4 wonderful babies, and today I want you to meet Jasmine. I have nothing but great things to say about jasmine she is one of the most beautiful people that I have the pleasure of knowing! body, heart, and soul, she is simply wonderful!!!!

she dose great in school, has many friends, and is a huge helper around the house!!!! I don't think that I brag on her nearly enough!!! she spends as much time outside as I will let her, and most of the day she is running around sing high school musical song. (over and over and over)
and you should see how crafty this little girl is, she puts some of the SCS to shame (sorry I am bragging)!!!!
thanks for looking and stop back bye!!!!

2 more days till I show you the blog candy!!!



Kim said...

Wow! What a beautiful Girl! I LOVE HER! I love her smile, her hair, the way she sits in the tree. EVERTHING about her!

Becky O said...

Jasmine my girl I can't wait to see you next month you are getting to be such a big girl and look how beautiful you are see you soon baby girl I love you much beautiful girl

Linda SS said...

What a beautiful young lady with a beautiful name:) Jasmine's smile just sparkles with charisma & she is adorable, as are your other children. You are indeed blessed!