Friday, October 5, 2007


this is for today's LSC 136 kind of fun no fuss card making, but I still made a huge mess all over my table! So that it did not look to flat that I would put as much texture as I could and I did that with my not so real stitching, textured paper and 4 layers. The little tag was made a few days ago for a different card but is ended up being way to much for that card. So today I have not touched even one stamp that being said I also don't think that I am done playing for the day.

I think that Ava is finally feeling a little better still kind of slow but more like her stubborn self today she even wanted to eat a little bit when she woke up not much but it is way better than nothing. Henry however is still not felling so hot but he is up and playing unlike yesterday he just layered on the floor all day. We are still keeping his food pretty dry today I just hope he keeps more down today than he did yesterday. All in all today has already started out much better than the last two nobody body has spilled out all over my house beds and cloths lets hope it stays that way!!!

thanks for looking today hope you like what you see!!!

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Becky O said...

I am happy Ava is feeling better I hoope hank doesn't get it too bad. Love ya.

Kim said...

Great card and I am so glad the kids are feeling better! Love you!