Thursday, October 25, 2007

stampers heaven!!!

I am so happy there is now two SC in one week and I have two challenges today my bed room is so not getting cleaned today!!!I punched out my circle using my tab punch and you can get the how to over at paper smiles (ncmorgan's new blog) she rocks!!! I did have some trouble knowing when to stop on this card. I did Finlay say enough after I doodled up the sides. I am off to play some more now!!! TFL


nancy morgan said...

Sweeeet!!!! You tried the round tab trick...nice job! Wasn't it easy?

Okay...I've been tagged to tell 7 random things about myself...and then I'm supposed to tag 7 people...and choose YOU!!! So, Tag, you're it = )

see my blog for all the exciting deatils (not's just a ploy to get you to visist my blog)

nancy morgan said...

By the way (I'm such a dork)...your card is REALLY pretty. I got excited about the tagging thing and forgot to tell you that!!

Leslie Miller said...

Everything you do is just beautiful, Sarah! You have sooooooo gotten the hang of this stamping thing!