Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Stamps And A Swap!!!

this card just started out with the BG paper I just wanted to play and see how well my new stamps stamped out, because to me paper tray stamps felt different than other clear stamps! I also thought that they stamped out better than other clear stamps. so I just grabbed any-ole color off of my shelf and and I prepped and inked them up I had not real intentions of making a card last night I think if I had I would not have picked the colors that I did. I am so happy this happened by accident I think things turn out so much better when you don't over think them!!!

the colors used are summer sun garden green and shimmery white with a touch of pomegranate, like I said just playing but I think they all kind of went together well!!!

this is a picture of the back. I am so telling you that when I said I did not sit down to make a card I really didn't and this is the first card that I have finished in a really long time front back and inside are all done and it only took about a half an hour!!!

this is not a very good picture of this card and I am not sure this is the card I want to use for my swap, I do know that if I do use it that I will not put the glitter glue dots on it they don't match and they took WAY to long to dry!! All of the stamping is done in VM and heat embossed in gold on shimmery white and pomegranate and tied off with ribbon!