Thursday, October 4, 2007

They are both sick!!!!

I don't think that I will be getting much card making, or house cleaning done today. Two of my three babies are sick. I keep waiting for the phone to ring and tell me to come pick Jasmine up from school. It is not even 9:am and Henry has had to baths to wash puke off of him and I have changed his bedding two days in a row I am so sick of laundry, what is a Mommy to do!!!! I might get a card done today some were around nap time so look for that.......... and I am off to do my 5 loads of laundry!!!! and some time today I wanted to watch my shows that are waiting to be seen in my DVR there is just never enough time in the day!!!!

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Stamping Moments said...

Oh Dear, I hope your little ones are better soon, lots of bugs are going around here as well. Hugs jenny x

Kim said...

Hope they are getting better! Am I gonna have to get on a plane and come out there and kick that bug's butt???