Friday, October 26, 2007

why o why!!!! dose anybody want to know 7 things about me

I have been tagged and been asked to tell seven random things about myself so here go's
1- silly but I like to eat Ice cream in the dark not black dark but I don't even like it in the day light
2-when I can't sleep at night I sneak down stairs to see if the next SCS Challenge has been posted
3-I am for sure the most judgemental person that I know!!!
4- the sound of a baby laughing makes my heart skip a beat there is no better sound in the world
5- I hate washing cars what a bummer job to have to do that and unloading the dishwasher before I can clean the kitchen yuck!!!

6-I do not think that I could ever live with out RVR again I love fast forward and pause with almost four children I would never get to watch with out it

7-now that I am a mommy I think that the holidays are so much more fun I love to see there happy little faces!!!

now who do I tag..... I will tell you tomorrow!!!!


nancy morgan said...
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nancy morgan said...

okay, I tried to edit my last comment and it got deleted instead...shows what I know about blogs (not much, it turns out!). was fun to hear some random things about you! Very interesteing = ) . I can totally relate to the whole car washing thing. Those darn car washing fairies are just never around when you need them. The kitchen fairies are slacking at my house too!!!

By the way, I've been a bad procrastinator (or maybe good, at procrastinating that is) and my swaps probably won't be in the mail until they won't reach you till Thursday. I'm so bad = (