Saturday, March 29, 2008

FS60 and a SFYTT

Laura's over at scrapnextras is the FS today and let me be the first to say wow what a great gallery!!!!! and she is sweet she leaves the best comments!!! So when I saw Laura's was the FS I got right to work and made this card I besides Beth I am the first in the gallery!!!!

I am so happy for Laura she is soooo one of my favs I just love everything she makes but my choice was an easy one because I did a simple beauty and it can be mass produced for my daughters 8th birthday!!!!! here is the card I did changes are many colored base diff DP diff flower stitching instead of layering and no ribbon tabs same stamp set diff sentiment and button instead of felt flowers and brad and with all of the changes I made I still think it looks like Laura's!!!!!!
this is for jens SFYTT and what a great one she has out done herself with the last two week sketches they have both made for great stamping!!!! Now I have to point out the knot on my ribbon this never happens for me and I have no clue how I did it this time but look it is perfect!!!!! most of the time it is messy and it looks backwards so yah for me!!!! I can not believe that I am happy with such a bold (bright) card!!!! but I am!!!

and I have one more thing to show you and that is Ava in her new rain coat with umbrella sooooooooooo cute

goodnight and



Jana M in Kodiak, AK said...

Great Cards!!!

And Ava looks darling in her rain coat, umbrella and crocs! :) too cute.

Sara in WI said...

Both cards are wonderful! But the best pics are Ava in her adorable rain outfit!

KAP said...

I love love love your cheers to you card. It is so beautiful!!

Tamara Follett said...

This is my first stop at your blog, and I love it! Added to my faves. Everything you make is beautiful! I enjoy the kid stories too, I have three myself. Thanks for sharing your creations!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful cards! I really love the card you made casing Laura's!

Becky O said...

Sarah both cards are soooo cut and pretty and lovely. Ava Noel what a cool umbrella and rain coat you lucky girl all in pink. I love you all you soon

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

OK....WOW!! Cutest cards ever!! I Love, Love, Love these cards! They are stunning! Your photography is so great too. And your little girl.....So Sweet!!