Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sssshhhhhh!!! they are sleeping!!!!!

alright I understand that I have four kids and that that means I don't get as much quite time as I think I need............ BUT COME ON ALREARY!!!!!! this cute little collage of thatcher is what he has done for the past MONTH, can you stop crying!!!!!!! No really this is what I get, and if I want him to scream louder all I have to do is try to get him to take a bottle. By the look on his face when I put a bottle in his mouth, you would think it was acid or something poison. He gags, and spit, and screams, if he could talk he would be saying "gross why cant I just have my booby!!!!!" and I would tell him "because you have nursed 500000000000000000 times today, I have nothing left, and they HURT!!!!!!!!!!!" But that is not how it is, and I just have to suck it up!!!! DH has learned to clear out when I feed him or he will get is head bit off!!! Poor guy!!!

on top of all of this it is stincken spring break and Jasmine is home to fight with Ava and Henry!!!!!! No really she fight with an 18 month old baby over WHAT HOLLY CRAP!!!!!
WE Finley took Ava's pacifier away and can you say cry baby, but really Ava you are 3 1/2 and you won't quit biting holes in them so NNNNNOOOOOO you can not have it!!!!!!!
and for yet another gripe TV writers SUCK all I want is to sit down and watch my shows when the kids finely pass out from there day of making me crazy but no they had to have more money SHUT- UP dude I get paid in crappy diapers so so give me back my grey's and house wives and quit your B****ing!!!!!
Okay I think I feel better now and when Thatcher decides that boobs are not the only food in the world it going to be Hay DOC pass the pacsol please!!!!
so on to better thing we had a few shinning moments today and I have to say they made up for the rest of it look at the beautiful smiles that Thatcher quit crying long enough to give us this is what makes being a mommy all worth it

I think he likes the bumbo and he looks so cute in it this wonderful purple chair that I got free from a friend gave me 30 minutes of no screaming.... well from him anyways and the picture below is the best smile ever Daddy was playing with his scrawny legs!!!! life is beautiful in these moments!!!!!

thank you so much if you made it to the end of this post I am so grateful to get that off my chest!!!!
now I am going to see if maybe Rox posted the sketch challenge early that would be great!!!!!



Yosha said...

Awe!!! Cutest baby pics ever!! Love the pic of him sitting in the purple chair. Looks like wise old man. Love to know exactly what goes through their thoughts!!

Cassie said...

So sweet - I have tons of those blurry baby pics too! And my little one had acid reflux so he was cranky for the first 7 - 8 months. It's those brief moments that make up for it!
And I hear you on the writers strike! Why should they get more money just b/c they may not have a job in a few years? If that happened to my hubby, he would just have to find another job!!
Ah - the "reality" of Hollywood --- ha ha!!

Basement Stamper said...

Love the pictures and I know exactly what you mean about all the kids. I have 3 (8 yo, 2 yo and 4 mo) It's hectic and they don't understand when you just want a little time to yourself. I love that bumbo seat as my son does not like tummy time. Love the name Finley (that's my little ones name!!!)

Tiffany said...

Being a mother isn't easy and we all need to vent! My son cried all the time in the beginning too and it just wears on your nerves. Hang in there! I love the pictures! What a cute baby! Remember, he loves you more than anything!!!!

Have a good day!

Tina said...

Aww Thatcher is SO dang cute! I sure wish I lived close to you as I would be there in a flash to give you free time.
I LOVE kids & we were only able to have 1 so that means I get to love on everyone else's & spoil them & help those moms out. Send me a ticket! lol

Michelle said...

I feel for you I really, really do. I have 2 kid's never could imagine more than that!!! I remember when my daughter was born (8 years ago now) she was like that too, nothing worked & she never napped too boot. So hang on it will get better!


mommy0f4 said...

I have 4 kids too. (ages: 4, 2 1/2, 2 1/2, and 18 months) I know how you feel!!! But you sure do have a cute baby!!!

Daniela said...

It was so much fun reding your story last night!!! I had to quit because my little one was crying...so I know all about it. I only have one and he is 2 months old and my husband is out of town at the moment. He cries in the evenings and I would love his help. Love the photos!!!!

Diane Gilbert (djluvs2stamp on SCS) said...

Ohhhh, sounds like you are ready for a break! I don't miss those days of crying and fighting for the most part, but the older they get the bigger the headaches!!! I have an 18 year old that I really testing my last nerve!!!

This might make you feel better, YOU WON MY EASTER BLOG CANDY GIVE AWAY!! Email me your mailing address and I will get these goodies out to you!

Anonymous said...

I can remember those days so well. I have 3 children and had 3 foster kids too for 3 years. Whew. My youngest is now 21! I can remember when I thought "could we just have ONE day with no crying??"
Seriously speaking though, have you tried taking something out of your diet to see if it is upsetting baby's stomach? I had non-stop crying with all three babies till I dropped milk and milk products from my diet. It was apparently hurting their bellies and they cried constantly, especially daughter #1. The other 2, I just experimented and sure enough, they had the same problem. Maybe try it.

Kathy said...

Awwww! I know how you feel!! But now that my kids are 3,4 & 5 I long for a baby!! And I will have to give an amen to the tv thing!! Hasn't this gone on long enough already!!! Take a deep breath and I hope things get better or that you can hang on to your patience long enough to get through the days.......
(That smile would make things all better, huh!!)

Alex said...

Oh bless his little cotton socks gotta love a baby bawling its head off!!!! NOT

I know where you are coming from Sarah, my youngest, who is now nearly 5, was awful when we tried to give her a bottle etc, but I ended up getting lots of different teats for the bottle in the end to find the one that best suited her, we ended up with a Tommee Tipee one with bobbles on!!!! lol apparently it was most like a breast, go figure on that, but heck it worked and we never had any probs after that, mind you I did buy an awful lot of different teats, but it was SOOOOOOOO worth it in the end, and we also changed milks as well!!!! lol

Hugs to you and I have an award for you, if you would like to accept it, pop over to my blog, if and when you have a spare min!!! lol

Alex xx

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Oh my goodness Sarah he's so cute! You sure sounded like you needed to vent. As someone who doesn't have kids I have no idea how it is. You manage to put a twist of humor on it all which is great. My friend just had her 6th child on monday. They are a big happy family but holy smokes!!!!

Sharon said...

WOW I know that crying bit. My son had colic for the first 6 months...there were times when I felt like sending him back and asking God for a better model.

Venting helps so feel free. I am always amazed that you are able to do what you do with 4 kids.