Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What A Day!!!!!

Do you ever feel like your creative side snuck out the back door some time in the night! I have not made a card that I really wanted to show off in over a week, This one included!!!! oh well my PTI order should be here some time in the next few days I think that the pink will really get me going!!!!
do any of you have the cutter bee circle cutter I think that I need (want) one it seems that most of the sketches coming out these days use circles and I think it looks like the best choice I would love to hear from YA'LL on this product!
I will give my funny Kids story share till Friday you can post your funny stories on the post below this or on this one remember I have 3 studio G set up for grabs for the one the makes me LOL I am going to share your stories here on my blog on saturday I will post the winner on Friday!!!
I will have a few more to share about my funny kiddos and maybe a new picture or two!
about the card:
CS: Sky Cocoa Crate paper DP
Ink: sky moss cocoa
ACCS: sewing machine ribbon brads




Julie said...

I was wondering what you use for all your stitching??

Anonymous said...

I drop by nearly everyday and don't take the time to leave a comment. Your work is absolutely beautiful and it makes me want to stamp. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

Sara in WI said...

Well, I like this card! Your mojo hasn't gone away!

~amy~ said...

That Crate DP is FABulous!! Lovely card...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don't think this card is worth shouting about! It is really pretty! But I know what you mean, there are days when you just don't 'feel' it! Remember though, we're always hardest on ourselves!

silli said...

so beautiful Sarah, I love the colors an the little bird...Thanks..:-)

KayellWY said...

After reading Julia's review of the Curvy Cutter on her blog -- and on Craft Critique, I decided I, too, needed/wanted one of these. All the pieces just arrived this week, the glass mat just yesterday. So before I started my comment here, I gave it trial run. Oooo! I think I'm gonna' love this toy! I bought just the circle, but I may have to have the oval too. It cuts quickly and smoothly with no little snips to make when you lift the cut-out off the mat. I think you would love it too. :)


kat said...

ABOUT THE CURVY CUTTER: don't do it! I thought it sounded like a good idea, too, but it only does large circles, ovals, etc. I'm a card maker, not a scrapbooker, so it wasn't practical. I am saving for the Nestabilities from Spellbinder; do you have them yet? They're the answer to your round troubles! Oh, and btw, YOU are the reason I got my sewing machine out and kept in out. I'm envious of your so-very straight stitching!!! AND, I love your card!