Monday, March 10, 2008


Hi all today my baby blog is one year old and I never really thought when I set it up that I would use it as much as I do! but now that it has been a year I can not stand the thought of not having it. I hate to call y'all cyber friends because you all seem so much more true than past real life friends, I feel like if I meet some of you in person I would be so star struck!!! dose any body else feel that way.
I will be the first to say I love to be seen I crave attention and thanks to this wonderful world of blogger and the super great stamping community I get what I need!!!! The high fives and way to go's keep me in the craft room, and I find myself loving this crafty life a hole lot more every day!!!!
speaking of crafting this super cute set of cards is something I made a couple of days ago it is a set of ten baby announcements I made for an old friend baby sis she is having her first and it is a little boy I am so happy for her!!! and I hope she likes them. I know that I would have loved to have made these when Jasmine was born but........ I had no clue what rubber stamping was 7 years ago I thought that the stamps in the craft store was for the teacher's out there I did not know that you could make something as cute as baby these baby cards I found the template here:
they are so easy and what a great gift I think they make for a new mommy!!!!

I started a set of girl cards just to have around but have not finished them yet!!!
I used some old SU DP and bashful blue CS the stamps on this project are Aida cloth BG stamp from SU and Just Hatched from PTI, I used 4 punches on this card, all 4 and the ribbon are also from SU! I got the button at walmart and adhered them with mini glue dots! the little circle says ten little toes!

Now I am posting my weekly kiddo fix and the funny things that they do!!!! Henry thought that he needed a snack so he got it out his self and went and sat by the back door....... for some reason he thinks that we can not see him there and he knows that if he is sitting that we will not take the food from him (I still like to have him sit in the high chair) he looked like a big gorilla he was running on all 4's through the cereal and just having the best time!!! I needed a good laugh and to hear him giggle made me feel great that is the best sound in the whole world music to my ears!!! He tried to do it again the next night with the Life cereal but I had to say no way little man!!!!!

Now Thatcher is getting huge my lord the kid is a giant he is not even 3 month yet and he is wearing (fitting a bit to well) 9 month cloths, it kind of makes me sad him being my last he is just growing to darn fast!!! Thatcher Love's to be held and with three others that need me as well it is a must to just put him down every now and then and one day last week he was crying in my room and I was trying to get dinner for every body else and out of nowhere he quit crying (he never dose that ) so I went up to check on him and no he did not cry him self to sleep Jasmine had gone in and picked him up and and he went to sleep on her how nice is that to have such a sweet big helper!!!!

this last picture is of Ava and just so you know the kids you see here were not in the mud until Ava got in arrrrrrg!!!! on the plus side they had a blast and then she took the best nap she has had in weeks!!!!!
well it is 3:pm and I need to get some stuff done before the DH gets hone and this has taken for ever (blogger would only upload 1 photo at a time) so thanks for looking!!!!:D


mudmaven said...

Happy Blog Day to you! I love your blog and appreciate all the wonderful pictures and stories you share with all of us. Thanks ~chris

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Your baby onesies are AMAZING!!! Holy Smokes those are nice. Great job, blogging buddy!!

Anonymous said...

VERY VERY sweet baby cards!!!!!! Have a good day,
Elizabeth Glass

Sara in WI said...

What an amazing Onesies Set! That is a lovely gift idea. The pictures of the kiddies are precious. Thanks for sharing! Happy Blog Day!

Becky O said...

All I can say is at least he didn't add milk to his ceral. and jasmine what a good big sis holding your little brother, and ava row row row your boat.

Tiffany's Cardtique said...

Your children are beautiful as well as your works of art! How do you find the time? I have a two year old and work full-time and find it difficult.

Have a good one!


Bee said...

Your onesies are gorgeous, what a great gift! :-)

Nancy Grant said...

Happy Belated Blog Day! Your creations are spectacular!!!